The Bike to Work Summer Challenge 2019

About the challenge

Final ranking

Top 10 25%

BNPP Leasing Solutions BNP Paribas Leasing Solut ... 93,75
FAC Customer Service BNP Paribas Fortis 88,06
Rx on THE Road az Vesalius 84,55
de doorzetters Relegem Gemeentebestuur Asse 80
summer riders Accenture NV/SA 79,96
Customs speed DHL Aviation NV 77,45
let it roll DHL Aviation NV 72,92
Green Team VF Europe bvba 71,88
SLA Pfizer Manufacturing Belg ... 71,37
Blijf jong CNH Industrial Belgium nv 70
Top 10 50%

PXS Green Riders Proximus 100
Bende van Ellende Bpost Oostende MC 100
bikometrix-50 icometrix 100
GreenBank National Bank of Belgium 100
De genieperige versnellin ... DHL Aviation NV 100
Belfius M & M BELFIUS 100
FietsAS BNP Paribas Fortis 97,92
Bike to it BNP Paribas Fortis 97,06
EPP fietst mee Pfizer Manufacturing Belg ... 97,05
Top 10 75%

Fiforce SD Worx 100
De bikers Proximus 100
the ladies Procter & Gamble Services ... 100
De Aquavelo's VIVAQUA 100
De Belfius Trappers BELFIUS 100
Belfius BalderOel BELFIUS 100
le bidon 19 VIVAQUA 100
L'été sera chaud BELFIUS 100
Antwerpse trappers National Bank of Belgium 100
Top 10 100%

de sammekes Niko 100
0% Emission, 100% Bike to ... Gemeente Bierbeek 100
Yellow Red BNPPF BNP Paribas Fortis 100
Belfius100% BELFIUS 100
Wang Beng Sweet Pootang NV Bekaert SA 100
De Doortrappers AG Insurance 100
TS&S Fietsmadammen OCAS 100
Gandert & Lorain Sanofi 100
Insur 4.0 Belfius Insurance 100
GBS 't Klavertje Bierbeek Gemeente Bierbeek 100
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The challenge

Bike To Work

Together with your colleagues on your bike during Summer Challenge 2019!

The Summer Challenge is a competition for teams of maximum 5 colleagues. The pleasure of cycling and team spirit comes first!
Together with your team you achieve your target of cycling to work on 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your working days.

Because cycling is fun! As well as quick, clean and healthy.
The competition runs from May 27th up to and including June 21th.
The registration will be open until midnight of Wednesday 22 May.

Cycle and win!

Great prizes may be won in the General classification, the Newcomers’ classification (teams with minimum 1 Bike to Work newcomer) and by means of the weekly assignments (through the Bike to Work Facebook page).

Prizes General classification
Bike to Work Bike to Work
Bike to Work Bike to Work

The Newcomers’ classification (minimum 1 Bike to Work newcomer)
Bike to Work Bike to Work
Bike to Work Bike to Work


You don’t have an account yet?
Set up your account with the link 'Register' on top of this page.The Bike to Work-coordinator should allow your participation before you can start.

Do you have an account?
1. Sign up with an existing team in your company or create your own team (login to this site, go to the menu ‘My account’ through the ‘cycle calendar’ and select “My team”).
2. Then get on your bike and register your rides.
3. Have a chance of winning one of the great prizes.

Rules of the game

a. Your employer has to participate in Bike to Work.
b. The winning teams in the General classification or the Newcomers’ classification:
* Realise their proposed bike rate of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% throughout the entire period of the competition. The bike rate is calculated by dividing the number of biked days by the number of worked days during the period of the competition.
Holidays, sick leave or home working days don’t have a negative impact on your proposed bike rate when you highlight them in your cycle calendar.
* Reply to the following tiebreaker: ‘How many km have all participants to the Summer Challenge of 2019 cycled together?
The team that guesses the correct number or gets closest to it will be declared the winner.
During the last week of the competition we will send an e-mail to each team leader with the request to indicate the number of kilometres.
Each team is allowed to send one answer.
To give you an indication: during the Summer Challenge 2019 the participants cycled 444.377 km all together.
c. Teams consist of a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 5 members.
d. In the Newcomers' classification, at least one team member must have created an account on after 31/03/2019.

Extra practical information

* If you create an account on Bike to Work because of the Summer Challenge, the coordinator in your company must first approve your participation in Bike to Work.
* It can take 1 to 2 days for all updates to be processed and for your team's bike degree to be displayed correctly in the rankings. Please note that your work schedule and your cycling calendar has been completed correctly. Also indicate your holidays, sick days or home working days on the cycling calendar for a correct calculation.
* Your teamleader has to accept your participation before your bike rides will be added to the team.


The Bike to Work Summer Challenge 2019 will be enabled thanks to the following sponsors:
Bike to Work Bike to Work Bike to Work Bike to Work />
Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond