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Privacy statement

The Fietsersbond undertakes to respect and protect your privacy. We regard the data provided by you, hereinafter referred to as "your data",  as confidential information.

Your data comprise:
  • Data which you expressly provide, either when you register to use the website or when you record your bicycle trips, such as your user name, passwoord, email address, sex, year of birth, postal code and professional category, information regarding your cycling patterns, your recorded cycle trips, your choice to receive tips, any questions you may ask, etc.;
  • Data which you do not provide expressly but which are gathered automatically: your IP address, the type of browser and operating system running on your computer,  the number of visits,  the pages visited, etc.

Your data will be used only for the purposes set out below.

If your employer participates in Bike to Work, you have asked to be recognised by your employer as an employee, and your employer has accepted your request, your employer will be given access to the following information: your name, the days which you record as cycling days, the biking profile of each cycling day, the days which you have recorded as days on which you did not work, and the distance in kilometres of the cycle trips which you have recorded. You expressly accept that your employer may have access to this information.

Your data are used primarily to give you personal feedback and support. Your data may also be rendered anonymous and used:
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  • For the purposes of scientific research;
  • For the compilation of statistics and reports

Your data are collected and processed only by the Fietsersbond and, where necessary, by third parties working for the Fietsersbond under contract.

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You can consult your data and have them corrected or deleted by sending a dated and signed request accompanied by a copy of both sides or your identity card to Fietsersbond vzw, Oude Graanmarkt 63, 1000 Brussels.

Cancelling emails and newsletter

Bike to Work offers you the possibility to indicate that you wish to receive emails reminding you that you have not recorded your cycling days for a while. You also have the possibility to cancel the sending of such emails.


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Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond