The Fietsersbond

The Fietsersbond defends the interest of all bikers in all of Flanders and Brussels. They lobby, campaign, advise, and are the interlocutor with over 125 municipal councils. In short they put pressure on the policymakers....
  • to provide more and better cycle paths, cycle routes and more space for bikers.     
  • to modify traffic rules taking the  needs of bikers into account.          
  • to provide more tax incentives for cycling to work.

In addition they also wish that...
  • you can cycle safely and in a healthy and enjoyable manner to any destination
  • more people will chose the bike as their daily mode of transport. 
Join us!
  • ?The Fietsersbond is an independent association with more than 23,000 members and hundreds of volunteers. Do join us as well, united we are stronger!
  • Moreover, you will receive discounts from more than 180 cycle dealers, the VAB-cycle breakdown assistance, Callant cycle comprehensive insurance as well as many other advantages for members.
Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond