Hitting the road with a cycle route planner


The best known of all route planners also takes into account the needs of the cyclist. You may make cycle-friendly roads and cycle paths (coloured in green) visible on the map, and of course this will be taken into account when a route is calculated. Unfortunately Google does not differentiate between good and bad cycle paths, and that sometimes affects the quality of the route. It only needs one touch of the button to send the route description to the Maps-app on your phone. 


These three cycling route planners have a similar structure. Input the departure address and the destination address or mark them both on the map and the route planner will work out a route between the two points. Which route? That depends on a number of parameters, which you can choose yourself, for instance the shortest route, or the fastest, or a route via the cycling network junctions.
A major added value with respect to these route planners is that you can choose between various map layers: topographic, OpenStreetMap... Each planned route also includes an elevation profile. 


Strava is a social fitness-app; you use it primarily to keep a record of the routes you have cycled and to share them with friends. However, Strava also has a route-planning module.
Sportsman and women input their route date on Strava and therefore the programme knows which routes are cycled most often. When working out a route, Strava can take account of that popularity. Of course ‘popularity’ does not necessarily mean cycle-friendly, but it is a factor. After all, if a route is unpleasant or dangerous, obviously cyclists will avoid it. 


For cycling in the larger cities, this GPS is custom-made for cyclists. You input your starting and destination address and then you may choose between three possible routes: a fast, a balanced or an easy route. Gradually you will then be guided to your destination. The routes are also a lot more realistic than in for instance Google Maps. In addition to navigation the app also offers an overview of the cycle trips you have taken. The app is free, but you have to pay for the maps. 
Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond