New Bike to Work-advantage: The Vandal!

Bike to Work

The clothing brand The Vandal is all about cycling. Its driving force Toon Claessens designs casual clothes, which reflect his passion: cycling. He finds inspiration in the old bicycle race legends, but the everyday cyclist is also reflected in his various designs.

The ecological clothing line is popular with cycling enthusiasts, amateurs and great cycling legends like Johan Museeuw.
Toon Claessens is a designer and has a passion for cycling. This originated during his Sunday visits to his grandparents. “My grandfather used to watch each race. At first I would occasionally glance over, while I was playing with my Playmobil. But gradually I became fascinated”, Toon said.
“The Vandal has grown very organically. With my background as a designer, I started to personalise bicycle frames, with stickers and paintings. One day I designed a couple of T-shirts inspired by the race and they started to lead a life of their own”, he told us.
The entire collection is printed locally on ecological and organic cotton with a Fair Wear label.
The discount for members of Bike to Work is as follows: when you spend € 50 you will receive a voucher for € 10.
Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond