Only the bike can challenge the car as king in commuter traffic

This is demonstrated by the results of a three yearly survey among 1.5 million Belgians carried out by the Federal Public Service Mobility.
Let’s summarise the most important trends. Do they sound familiar?
Commutes by car remain on the same level, even if they continue to represent the lion’s share. (65 %). An increasing number of commuters choose to commute via the bike (yes!). The share of the various modes of transport varies according to the region.

In Flanders the bike is very popular (17 %). In Brussels there is a preference for public transport (53 %), which is clearly used more often than the car (36 %). In Wallonia the car is without a doubt still king (83 %), although the bike is gaining popularity in the large cities.

Teleworking is also on the increase (+39 % since 2014). An increasing number of employers are taking action to stimulate sustainable mobility. The employers’ location determines for a large extent which mobility problems they indicate. 

Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond