CM setting out with Bike to Work

This spring the main office of CM in Brussels launched its cycling project. Bike to Work constitutes an integral part of the attractive offer for cycling employees.
Mobility coordinator Veerle Gevaert said: “by means of this cycling project we wish to motivate our staff members to cycle to work. 58% of the employees who live within a range of less than 16 km from work are prepared to cycle. That is a surprising result if you know that about half of our employees uses public transport.”
Cycle leasing
In future the 800 staff members of CM’s main office will be able to enter into a cycle leasing contract with their employer. “By means of a deduction from their wages they will be able to lease a bike advantageously and later on buy it. Maintenance and insurance are always included. The employee may decide for himself whether he wants to add additional accessories and assistance,” Veerle adds. “An important condition for participation is that employees commute by bike to work for at least 30 days a year.”
Bike to Work
In order to modernise the legal administration concerning the cycling allowance CM Aeropolis will only use the bike registration tool from Bike to Work starting in March. “We request that our employees register their bike days on the Bike to Work-bike calendar. By means of these data our payroll will be able to calculate the cycle allowances quickly and correctly. Moreover, the advantages for cycling employees and the playful competitions of Bike to Work fit perfectly within our philosophy of encouraging employees to cycle”, Veerle explains.
Bicycle parking and bicycle plan
In June he CM-main office will officially open its new bicycle parking with around a hundred comfortable indoor places. The design was carried out according to the standards of Brussels Environment.
Veerle says that CM wants to increase cycling even more. ‘Thanks to ‘The Bike Project’ of Brussels Environment and Brussels Mobility we will be given support in drafting a long term plan for cycling. As a Health Fund we obviously have the ambition to continue to invest in better health for our employees. That includes moving more and therefore also cycling!”
Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond