Bike to Work 2.0 Launch & Apéro at Brussels New Mobility 
Get acquainted with Bike to Work 2.0

Tour & Taxis - The Sheds
20.09.2019 – 17:00

In 2019 Bike to Work will undergo a complete make-over: a new logo, a new house style, a new website, an app and new fun actions. The Smart Mobility-fund launched by ministers De Croo and Bellot has selected Bike to Work as one of the winning projects. Dieter Snauwaert and Wim De Groof from Bike to Work will make the first presentation of the new Bike to Work to you and then treat you to a snack and a drink. 

See you at the Bike to Work cocktail-cargo-bike from 17:00 hours.

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‘Mobility in the City of Tomorrow’ – Inspirational Congress
Tour & Taxis - The Sheds

How will mobility be organised in the city of tomorrow? 
Which opportunities are offered by the mobility budget? 
How do you give your employees a taste of the new types of mobility?
Which mobility projects are in the pipeline in the Brussels’ region? What is their impact on your company?  

  • 8:00 Breakfast 
  • 9:15 Mobility in tomorrow’s region 
    • Brussels, a Smartcity? –
    • Extensa, a Smart Mobility HUB for Tour & Taxi – BECI
    • Brussels, a Low Emission Zone – Environment Brussels
    • The exemplary behaviour of the Brussels’ authorities – Environment Brussels
    • Brussel, the cycling infrastructure evolves - Brussels Mobility   
  • 11:00 Mobility in my company
    • Mobility Passport – tasting mobility – Maestromobile
    • Bike leasing – Traxio
    • New taxation for mobility (mobility budget) – CLAEYS & ENGELS·     
  • 12:00 Conclusion – Minister for mobility Elke Van den Brandt
  • 12:10 Opening of the Fair Bike Brussels and presentation of the Bike Brussels Awards
  • 12:30 Presentation of the Bike Brussels Awards by Brussels Mobility
  • 14:00 to 17:00 The Forum - B2B-mobility solutions 
  • 17:00 Launch of the Bike to Work-logo and Apéro

As a participating employer in Bike to Work you may reserve your ticket by registering via this link with the following code BNMFB19. 

More information?
Contact Dieter Snauwaert, account manager of Bike to Work,, 0497 122 893
Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond