Summer challenge 2017

Bike to Work supports employers who stimulate employees to bike to work.

Because cycling to work is fast, clean, healthy and fun.
And this is advantageous for employers and employees. 

More than 235 employers already participate in Bike to Work

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Biked kilometres

This parameter indicates how many kilometres all Bike-to-Workers have cycled together.

Reduction of CO2 emission

Each biked kilometre avoids 154 gram of CO2 emissions. This parameter indicates how many grams of CO2 all Bike-to-Workers have put on the clock together.

Calories burnt

On average you use up 28 kilocalories (kcal) per kilometre if you cycle at a speed of 15km/hour. This parameter indicates the kilocalories that all Bike-to-Workers together have burnt. 


Survival kit for the (beginning) home-to-work biker

Survival kit for the (beginning) home-to-work biker

Too wet, too cold, too dark? Not enough storage space? If you read this article, you will no longer have any excuses not to mount on your trusty steel steed. It informs you about everything from the correct cycle bags to handy cycle lights to waterproof clothing: a well-equipped biker rides swiftly during all seasons.
Kim Verhaeghe, illustrations: Korneel Detailleur 
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Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond