Summer Challenge 2018

Bike to Work supports employers who stimulate employees to bike to work.

Because cycling to work is fast, clean, healthy and fun.
And this is advantageous for employers and employees. 

More than 235 employers already participate in Bike to Work

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This week: 31518 km
Last week: 83678 km
This week: 882504 gram
Last week: 2342984 gram
This week: 4853772 kcal
Last week: 12886412 kcal


1530 colleagues cycled 11 times around the world


During one month 1530 employees in 446 teams cycled 444,377 km to work. That was the Bike to Work Summer Challenge of 2018, which ran from 23 May until 20 June. The distance covered by bike is comparable to 11 times around the circumference of the world. 429 new participants got on their bike for the competition. All participants together ensured that there was 68 ton less CO2-emission. Moreover they turned up for work fit, healthy and without the stress caused by traffic jams.

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You finally took the decision to cycle to work, but which will be your best route? Will you choose the shortest route  - fairly often via a busy unattractive paved road – or would you prefer to take a little detour in order to take in idyllic green fields and towpaths along beautiful waterways? Fortunately online route planners can help finding the right cycle route! Below you will find an overview. 
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Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond