Effective impetus to get and keep more employees on their bikes.

Participating in Bike to Work offers a number of advantages for your company or organisation...
Because Bike to Work provides an effective impetus to get and keep more employees on their bikes.
Bike to Work has a positive effect on the participation rate (the number of employees that cycle to work) and the bike rate (how often your employees commute to work on their bike).
Because companies and organisations that promote cycling, will save on parking costs, ensure better and quicker accessibility and have a healthy image.
Because cycling employees are sick less often, build up more resistance and are fitter, more alert and more productive. On average, cyclists stay at home on sickness leave one day per year less than their non-cycling co-workers. 
Because cycling has a tax advantage: company bicycles and all associated expenses (cycle parking areas, changing rooms...) are 120% tax deductible.

Bike to Work supporting employers

Your participation as an employer only demands a minimal amount of your time because of our online platform and the ready-made communication material that we will send you. 
Calculating your cycling potential

Based on the home to work distance and cycling time you can work out the total number of employees that could cycle to work.
Bike to work Assistance (optional)

Support your cycling employees and give them further encouragement with Bike to Work Assistance. Make sure they cycle safely and without worries. Guarantee that they will make it to work and home even if they have a technical breakdown on the road. Flat tyre? Broken chain? Flat battery? It only takes a telephone call to the emergency switchboard and all kinds of breakdowns can be sorted out by the specialised patrolmen. If the bike can no longer be repaired, Bike to Work Assistance will even take the employee home or to work. Bike to Work offers all participating companies breakdown assistance services at favourable conditions
Motivation via competitions and bike points

Your employees will be able to participate in the annual competitions: the Summer Challenge and the Winter Trophy. And they will be earning bike points with each biked day. These bike points may be exchanged for advantages. Those advantages may be company specific offered by your own advantage partners or derived from our cooperation with AS Adventure. For more information about company specific advantages.
Link between the payroll & reports for cycle tax allowance

Bike to Work helps you to set up an electronic link between the cycle tax allowance and the payroll package in your company or organisation. Because your employees register their bike rides via the bike calendar on the online platform of Bike to Work, you will be able to download the actually cycled kilometres by each of your employees into an the Excel file at any time and for any required period. This is exactly what is required by the Federal Public Service Financial Department to pay the cycle tax allowance.
Cycling Action Plan (Only available in Dutch)

A practical guide for employers, mobility coordinators and HR-managers to realise a cycling culture and to stimulate cycling to work.

Bike to Work from the perspective of 3 employers

They participate in Bike to Work, because they want to motivate their employees to cycle more, because it is in tune with their remuneration policy or because the bike fits in perfectly with their positioning as a sustainable company.
Sofie Senaeve

Sofie Senaeve

Responsible for sports promotion in the city of Torhout
"During competitions like the Summer Challenge and the Winter Trophy you see the number of bikers increase every time. Moreover, the bike point system stimulates our employees to cycle as much as possible during the entire year, for one biked day provides one bike point, and they can then exchange these bike points against bike related advantages. Moreover, the online platform gives you a good total overview of the number of kilometres that you have cycled."
Geert Van Landuyt

Geert Van Landuyt

CEO of supply company Van Landuyt
"As employer we particularly promoted the bike as an extra-legal advantage. All employees receive the maximum exempt cycle tax allowance: 24 eurocents per biked kilometre. The Bike to Work platform provides a smart reporting tool to register the cycle allowance and those data can be easily imported in the payroll processing package of the payroll secretariat."
Griet Dillen

Griet Dillen

Environmental coordinator for Pfizer
"Why do we commit ourselves to the bike? First of all: we wish to promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees. Encouraging cyclist to cycle more fits perfectly within the image of Pfizer as a sustainable company. Secondly: this helps us to reduce road congestion. Thirdly: we are a rapidly expanding company, which means that more of our car parking will be replaced by production buildings."

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Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond