Register your enjoyment in commuting, earn bike points and exchange them for advantages

Daily cycling is healthy and good for the environment and society: burn calories, not fuel.
Cycling helps to fight overweight and obesity. If you cycle every day, you will live an extra 2.5 years.
Cycling solves a part of the congestion problem.
Cycling is fun.

Bike to Work’s support for employees

Is it feasible for you to cycle to work?

It is a general assumption that a couple of cycling trips of up to 7 kilometres is achievable for the public at large. If the distance is greater, an electric cycle may be the answer. Indicate your home and work address in the space to the side or if you wish to combine the bike with the bus, tram, train or car, include also the starting point and destination of your bike ride. The result will show you the cycle distance and suggestions for cycle routes, based on Google Maps.
Bike calendar

After logging in, you can access your personal profile page, where you will be able to create your personal bike routes and register your rides. You will see yow many kilometres you have biked, your bike rate (how often you biked to work) and the number of calories burnt. Moreover ... for each day you bike to work, you earn a bike point and if your employer participates in Bike to Work, you will be able to exchange those bike points for advantages.
Two competitions every year

Perhaps the most important incentives to get people on their bike for their daily commute to work are the two annual competitions: the Summer Challenge and the Winter Trophy. In the summer the competition is all about your team trying to achieve the bike rate that you have set yourself; in the winter bikers compete against teams of other organisations. And most of all those summer and winter competitions are fun. There is a fun prize pool with plenty of useful cycling prizes.
Assistance in case of a cycle breakdown

A flat tyre or battery, a broken chain... Thanks to Bike to Work Assistance It only takes a quick phone call to the assistance provider to alert the specialised patrolmen who will come to fix all kinds of breakdowns. If the bike cannot be repaired, the patrolman will take you home or to work.


3 cycling commuters about Bike to Work

Filip, Thomas and Dietlinde are three motivated bikers who jump on their bikes more and more often. The cycle motivational programme of Bike to Work also gives them a helping hand. 3 x home-to-work cycle joy.
Filip, in his forties with children

Filip, in his forties with children

Group manager company financing at the Do- and Dare company PMV in Brussels
"We definitely experience cycling dynamics in our company, among others because of the cycle leasing programme in the mobility budget and Bike to Work. The cycle motivational programme is certainly helpful. For instance If you have not commuted by bike for a while, you receive a reminder by email. I personally cycle along a wonderful cycle superhighway from Herent to Brussels, a cycle highway along the railroad track (the so-called TGV-line between Louvain and Brussels). Both by car and by bike it takes me an hour. The route from and to work is 60 kilometres, an ideal distance for cycle training."
Thomas, early thirties, cohabiting, no children

Thomas, early thirties, cohabiting, no children

Application manager at KBC
"Two years ago I cycled to work for the first time, before then I came by train. A few colleagues had just switched to cycling for the home to work commute. That is inspiring. I felt free and relaxed on my bike. Compared to a normal bike I put in about two thirds of the physical effort with the speed pedelec. Our employer has also joined Bike to Work. Three or four years ago they built extensive cycle parking, including showers, lockers, etc. It is very comfortable.”


Head expertise centre Pedagogical Support in Childcare and School
"I prefer the combination of bike and train. The trip is comfortable and the cycle ride gives me energy for the remainder of the day. It is really nice that this year I occasionally have to work in a location, which can be reached more quickly by cycling along a waterway. I realized that a human being needs no more than two wheels for a lifestyle. It is a perfect fit for me." 

If your employer does not take part.

In that case you may always participate on an individual basis, by registering your bike rides and keeping your statistics up to date. If you like us to send your employer without any obligation information about Bike to Work, submit the form below.
Bike to Work is the cycling motivational programme of the Fietsersbond