3 months 10% discount at HelloFresh

Discover the convenience of a box with everything you need to create a surprising meal. Choose every week between 20 recipes. With your unique code via Bike to Work you will receive a 10% discount on all boxes for 3 months (up to 12 boxes) on www.hellofresh.be. The discount is valid on all combinations. Download a voucher with your discount code in exchange for 20 bike coins on your Bike to Work voucher page. This promotion is active if your employer participates in Bike to Work.


Does the 'homework blues' get a hold on you? Join 'Bike for Life' from 2 till 30 November to revive your spirit and body! Morevover, your cycling trips can contribute to a good cause: safer traffic. Are you still  cycling to work? In that case,  you have an extra reason to participate!