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Does the 'homework blues' get a hold on you? Join 'Bike for Life' from 2 till 30 November to revive your spirit and body! Morevover, your cycling trips can contribute to a good cause: safer traffic. Are you still  cycling to work? In that case,  you have an extra reason to participate! Sign up via this link and sponsor your cycling trips (in your neigbourhood, for fun, to go shopping, to work, to see family, ...) in November.  The proceeds will go to 'Parents of Young Traffic Victims - SAVE'.

'Parents of Young Traffic Victims - SAVE' is a non-profit organisation that actively encourages cities and municipalities to invest in road safety, especially in places where children and young people participate in traffic. OVK-SAVE concludes SAVE charters with local authorities to realize their commitments for safe traffic and is known for the SAVE signs that indicate places where a young person died in traffic.

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Everone can cycle along
Choose an amount you would like to donate to 'Parents of Young Traffic Victims - SAVE' for each bike ride in November. Ask colleagues, friends and family to support you!

Cycle along with your employer
If your employer participates in the Bike to Work-program and signs up for the Bike for Life campaign you can cycle along with your company. When registering, your employer commits to donate a (self-chosen) amount for each bike ride that you or a colleague registers during Bike for Life. A company can choose its own charity. You too can make a contribution per ride for charity and ask for support from colleagues, family or friends. 

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Bike for Life

The first edition of Bike for Life started on November 2, just as the second lockdown began. Nevertheless, 352 participants cycled for 1 month with their hearts for "Parents of Young Traffic Victions - SAVE"!