Bike to Work

Launching the new website and the new programme

The new Bike to Work Website has been online since 16 January. Get on your bike and try out the brand new features!

Bike to Work
Bike to Work gets you and your colleagues cycling!

The Bike to Work website is more customer-friendly than the previous version and shows many improvements. Users will receive cycle-friendly route advice and can put their route together in a flexible way and adjusted to their own requirements. In addition to cycling, other sustainable modes of transport like public transport, walking or the use of scooters, e-scooters or monowheels will  earn you bike coins.

Users who are linked to an employer can participate in challenges, company challenges and the Bike to Work 'Cyclottery'. They can team up with cycling colleagues and enjoy discounts and advantages offered by sustainable dealers.


Isabel Debecker is one of 3.086 enthusiastic cyclists who participated in Bike for Life (1 - 24th September). The cycling for charity campaign motivated the shop manager to cycle more often. "I was happy to ride the extra mile for the good cause," she says.