Is there also a Bike to Work smartphone app?

Soon Bike to Work launches an app for Android and Iphone for employees with an account on the website. The app offers a lot of functionalities of the website and makes it possible to plan a bike-friendly route to work.

Why should my employer participate in Bike to Work?

Bike to Work is an online motivation program to effectively increase bicycle use in commuting, in combination with other sustainable transport modes. By participating, an employer emphasizes cycling as part of the solution towards more sustainable, active and smooth commuting. 

Employees of a participating employer earn bike coins and can participate in the Cyclottery, an online lottery with beautiful prizes, twice a year. They also have a chance to win great prizes during the Spring Challenge, the biggest cycling competition for companies in Belgium. During Bike for Life, the entire company can cycle for a month to support the charity of their choice.


Does the 'homework blues' get a hold on you? Join 'Bike for Life' from 2 till 30 November to revive your spirit and body! Morevover, your cycling trips can contribute to a good cause: safer traffic. Are you still  cycling to work? In that case,  you have an extra reason to participate!