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Bike to Work is a fee-paying programme of the Fietsersbond for participating employers. The price for subscription to Bike to Work is calculated on the basis of the number of employees in your company or organisation. 

Insert the number of employees and calculate the price of your subscription for 1, 2 or 3 years. In case of a multi-annual subscription you will enjoy a discount (-15% for a 3-year subscription). 

Non-profit employers can enjoy a discount of 25%.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Number of employees? (> 5000 request tailor-made offer)


1 year


2 years

Save 7.5 %

3 years

Save 15 %
Bike to Work

Cycle Friendly Employer Certification

A European recognition for your cycle friendly company?

The ‘Cycle Friendly Employer’-certificates or CFE-certificates are European quality labels for cycle friendly companies. These are awarded in 10 European countries including Belgium.

CFE-certification recognises the efforts of your company to get employees to cycle to work. The acquisition of a CFE-certificate makes your cycling investments visible to the outside world. Thanks to a CFE-certificate your company proves itself to be a sustainable employer who cares for healthy employees and mobility. Obtaining a CFE-certificate shows your company is ready for future challenges.

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Cycling maps

Cycling road maps

Would you like to inform your employees about the safest cycling routes to work? Do you want to encourage them to cycle along the most suitable cycling routes all over the country? Take advantage of the expertise of Bike to Work/The Fietsersbond. Thanks to our 23,000 members and 100 branches all over Flanders and Brussels we have a treasure of information and knowledge about the local traffic situation for cyclists. Our expertise can help your employees to get going by means of the handy cycling road maps.

Employers participating in Bike to Work will receive 15% discount on cycling road maps.

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Cycle with your company, school, town or organisation with Bike for Life in favour of 'A bike for all'.  This charity action helps people on a bike even if they cannot afford to buy one. Sign up as an employer to cycle along with your employees!