Bike to Work

Participating is simple!

If you work for a participating company, all you need to do is to log in and you will find in the My Bike To Work-menu all you need to know to discover the teams in your company or to start a new team.

If your employer does not participate yet

Then this is the fitting moment to do something about it. Once you have registered, you can convince your employer to join in via the form Contact my company and with the help of the Bike to Work-team.

Become a member of Bike To Work!

If you do not participate in Bike To Work yet, then register here, and become a member of our big family!


Bike to Work

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Bike to Work

Competition terms and conditions and rules of the game

By means of the Bike to Work-competition we motivate Belgian employees to use their bike in the home to work traffic. Cycling in combination with the car, tram, bus or train is also eligible.

The competition will start on Monday 26 May and will run up to Friday 20 June 2014. A month of enjoyment guarantees results: an improved condition and better concentration.

Participants may organise or join a team from 16 April up to midnight of 23 May.

Have a look at the complete set of terms and conditions of the competition ›


Bike to Work


Bike to Work

Intermediate scores of the Bike to Work Summer competition

You will be able to closely follow the situation of all the participating teams here from Tuesday 27 May.

Bike to Work fun for all employees

Is your employer on board ? Sign up here

Bike to Work is the little incentive that you need to get you on your bike and keep it up in a fun way. What does Bike to Work do for you in practical terms?


  • I register my commuting fun

You can create a personal Bike to Work web page with your biking profile, which records the distance you cycle each day, the time it takes, which days of the week you normally work, etc.
If you like, you can also set yourself a target (e.g. the number of calories to be burned, a distance to be covered, or the number of days you will cycle to work).
Whether you are new to biking to work, or an experienced bike commuter, set yourself a personal target, which will encourage you to keep up the effort and do better still.
From now on, you can enter your bike trips with a single click of the mouse. Bike to Work has started for you!


  • I collect bike points and other benefits

Each bike trip to work is worth one bike point. The more often you go to work by bike, the more points you earn.
If your employer takes part in Bike to Work, you can exchange your bike points for vouchers. You can choose from a range of benefits that is regularly updated.
You can print the vouchers from your personal Bike to Work web page. The bike points used will be automatically deducted from your balance.


What if your employer hasn't decided yet to sign up for Bike to Work? Your bike points will be registered anyway and when your employer does join the scheme, you will be able to exchange the points you have already earned for vouchers. So start biking to work from today!


  • Me and other cyclists

On your personal Bike to Work web page, where you register all your bike trips, you will be given lots of useful information on bicycle commuting, as well as your personal statistics, such as your bike rate, how many days you cycle to work as a proportion of the number of days you work, the number of calories you have burned, the total distance cycled, etc. 


It is even more fun if your employer supports Bike to Work, because then you can exchange bike points for vouchers, as well as form teams with colleagues and take part in the annual Bike to Work contests.


Have you been able to come up with three reasons not to bike to work? Then look here for ten more excuses for not biking!