Bike to Work fun for all employees

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A little boost to get you biking and to keep going in an enjoyable manner. Cycling in combination with other modes of transport like public transport and carpooling are also included.

  • I register my commuting fun

Create your  personal Bike to Work page with your own home to work cycling routes (number of kilometers, average duration, number of working days, types of cycling routes, whether or not in combination with other modes of transport). Indicate your personal target: calories to be used, cycling distance, number of days of cycling to work…


  • I collect bike points and other benefits
Each biked day is worth one bike point. You can exchange the bike points you have save for various advantages. If you combine cycling with other modes of transport you also can collect bike points.


  • Me and other cyclists

On your personal Bike to Work page where your create and register all your routes, you will get a lot of information about your home to work traffic by bike. Your "bike rate", the number of calories used, number of kilometres biked etc will be calculated immediately and compared with the average of all cyclists..

What if your employer hasn't decided yet to sign up for Bike to Work? Your bike points will be registered anyway and when your employer does join the scheme, you will be able to exchange the points you have already earned for vouchers. So start biking to work from today!


It is even more fun if your employer supports Bike to Work, because then you can exchange bike points for vouchers, as well as form teams with colleagues and take part in the annual Bike to Work contests.


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