Spring Challenge en Bike for Life

Colleagues who motivate each other to cycle to work. That is the motivation that drives more employees to cycle to work. Team building and collegiality is the common thread during the Spring Challenge (May) and Bike for Life (November), the major events that Bike to Work organises for participating employers and employees.

With 2300 participants and 660 teams from 120 companies, the Spring Challenge is the largest bike race for companies in Belgium.

Bike for Life is cycling for charity during the month of November. An employer can register his company, choose his charity and commit to sponsor the bike rides of his employees with a self chosen amount.

Spring Challenge 2020


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Sur www.biketowork.be, vous trouverez un bon itinéraire pour vous rendre au travail à vélo. Désormais, vous pouvez choisir entre trois profils d'itinéraire : l'itinéraire navette, l'itinéraire le plus rapide et un itinéraire sûr.